[PDF] ↠ But How Do It Know? - The Basic Principles of Computers for Everyone Author J. Clark Scott – Techotechies.us

But How Do It Know? - The Basic Principles of Computers for Everyone Finally, This Brand New Book Exposes The Secrets Of Computers For Everyone To See Its Humorous Title Begins With The Punch Line Of A Classic Joke About Someone Who Is Baffled By Technology It Was Written By A 40 Year Computer Veteran Who Wants To Take The Mystery Out Of Computers And Allow Everyone To Gain A True Understanding Of Exactly What Computers Are, And Also What They Are Not Years Of Writing, Diagramming, Piloting And Editing Have Culminated In One Easy To Read Volume That Contains All Of The Basic Principles Of Computers Written So That Everyone Can Understand Them There Used To Be Only Two Types Of Book That Delved Into The Insides Of Computers The Simple Ones Point Out The Major Parts And Describe Their Functions In Broad General Terms Computer Science Textbooks Eventually Tell The Whole Story, But Along The Way, They Include Every Detail That An Engineer Could Conceivably Ever Need To Know Like Momma Bear S Porridge, But How Do It Know Is Just Right, But It Is Much Than Just A Happy Medium For The First Time, This Book Thoroughly Demonstrates Each Of The Basic Principles That Have Been Used In Every Computer Ever Built, While At The Same Time Showing The Integral Role That Codes Play In Everything That Computers Are Able To Do It Cuts Through All Of The Electronics And Mathematics, And Gets Right To Practical Matters Here Is A Simple Part, See What It Does Connect A Few Of These Together And You Get A New Part That Does Another Simple Thing After Just A Few Iterations Of Connecting Up Simple Parts Voil It S A Computer And It Is Much Simpler Than Anyone Ever Imagined But How Do It Know Really Explains How Computers Work They Are Far Simpler Than Anyone Has Ever Permitted You To Believe It Contains Everything You Need To Know, And Nothing You Don T Need To Know No Technical Background Of Any Kind Is Required The Basic Principles Of Computers Have Not Changed One Iota Since They Were Invented In The Mid 20th Century Since The Day I Learned How Computers Work, It Always Felt Like I Knew A Giant Secret, But Couldn T Tell Anyone, Says The Author Now He S Taken The Time To Explain It In Such A Manner That Anyone Can Have That Same Moment Of Enlightenment And Thereafter See Computers In An Entirely New Light.

[PDF] ↠ But How Do It Know? - The Basic Principles of Computers for Everyone  Author J. Clark Scott – Techotechies.us
  • Paperback
  • 221 pages
  • But How Do It Know? - The Basic Principles of Computers for Everyone
  • J. Clark Scott
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780615303765

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    Notes There really need to be pictures The author does a good job explaining things He uses analogies very well They re appropriate and relatable Very good job in being comprehensive without going into too much detail The author explains things sequentially and makes sure that you don t have any gaps in your understanding before proceeding forward He does about as good a job as I can imagine at explaining how computers work such that you won t have any major questions while being concise I think he could be even concise with his explanations at times, though Also, he explains how a lot of things work by taking you through the wiring pretty thoroughly I often thought that you could just accept that it could be wired to do that and move on.Conclusion I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how computers work I think the author does about as good a job as you can at 1 Explaining it clearly and co...

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    This approach is awesome The most understandable CS book I have ever read.

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    Very well explained, with relevant analogies Definitely recommended

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    On the day of a customer meeting, my colleague and I were way early and ended up spending an antisocial half an hour in his car in a parking lot, making the best of the time on our phones On that particular time, the rabbit hole took me to an article about someone 3D printing parts of transistors to show how they work The article praised the project to high heaven and off handedly mentioned this book which ended up being my next, as well as the final stop, for a while But How Do It Know is how all teaching should be done by engineers and almost in a violent way proving that science is not hard, but if you put a lot of very simple bits together, they end up looking complicated to the uninitiated As the book itself correctly claims, you ll need to understand English and be capable of doing simple addition, such as 5 8 13 This makes it accessible to pretty much anyone over perhaps the age of 7 or 8, and I d love to see how an 8 year old would enjoy this.I loved it During my life I ve come across bits and pieces of information about the computer design e.g the computers being stupid and only really knowing how to add, about there being registers whatever those are inside, things like that This book brings it all together in a concise, interesting manner that will give your brain just enough workout to bring some light sweat.This book is for everyone, not only because it s good to know how these ubiquitous machines w...

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    For those who have ever wondered, How does a computer do what it does The author takes the reader step by step from basic gates to fetching and executing machine instruction in an incredibly simple and interesting manner The book was intended for non CS people, so first 30% can be skimmed through At about 52% into the book i...

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    Overall I think I d still give the edge to Petzold s Code, but this was a very good take on much of the same material, in the style of Amdahl s There Are No Electrons No harm in reading both, and you can t really go wrong with either one this was a ni...

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    In terms of actual content, this is easily a 5 star book, but the gratuitous comma errors throughout was enough for me to knock it down a star Seriously, learn what a comma splice is.Aside from that, this book was fascinating and amazingly helpful even for complete beginners I can t tell you how many times my mind was blown as I read this It starts with the very basic knowledge and builds from there, focusing on the hardware, which is the root of it all and what I really wanted to learn about.The best thing to do while reading is make sure you fully understand each chapter before you go to the next This do...

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    Early in the book, when describing a nand gate, the author says that this diagram is as dificult as you will findif you get this one, all the others willbe easy I appreciate his optimism, but I have to respectfully diagree In the end, I can t say I took away a lot of specifics from this book, outside of some broad basics Then again, that s mostly what I was ...

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    This is one of my favorite books Most of us spend A LOT of time with computers It s about time to learn something about the mystries that go on inside This book breaks it down beautifully you will actu...

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    SolidAt times brilliant, particularly on making the electrical engineering of a computer s cpu accessible to a layperson I wish he would have given similar attention to programming, and the end of the book lacks the depth and clarity of the firs...

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