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Dragon Eye Everyone Wants A Dragon Until They Have To Feed One.Rory S Personal Guard Knows The Little Dragon Is Bursting With Magic Which Could Revitalize All The Farmer S Fields, And Still Rid An Old Man Of His Aches And Pains Too Young To Defend Herself She S Forced To Run When The King Discovers She Could Also Be His Source To Eternal Youth.

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    A very cute short story about a young dragon named Rory, her keeper and an Evil King The keepers love for the little dragon was so great he would even give his own life to save her.I love Dragon stories and this one was very sweet The keeper was loyal and brave The King was Evil I would have happil...

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    Dragon Eye is a short fantasy that sums up all the elements that any good fantasy should have The writing is excellent, the scenarios are well described and the creatures are really easy to imagine thanks to the author s words.Despite being short and fast to read it only too...

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    Read all my reviews on This was a very short story about a young dragon, bursting with energy and a king who wants to keep her in order to life forever.Despite it s shortness, it s only 12 pages really, it was enjoyable, but unfortunately way to short to build any kind of feelings for the characters Considering the length it was quite good though and I would have loved to read a longer versi...

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