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Hallowed Ground: A Walk at Gettysburg (Crown Journeys)Enjoy This Fully Illustrated Edition Of Hallowed Ground By James M McPherson, One Of Today S Greatest Civil War Historians.James M McPherson, The Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Of Battle Cry Of Freedom, And Arguably The Finest Civil War Historian In The World, Walks Readers Through The Gettysburg Battlefield The Site Of The Most Consequential Battle Of The Civil War.McPherson Makes Stops At Seminary Ridge, The Peach Orchard, Cemetery Hill, And Little Round Top, As Well As Other Key Locations He Reflects On The Meaning Of The Battle, Colorfully Describes The Events Of Those Terrible Three Days In July 1863, And Places The Battle And War In The Greater Context Of American And World History Along The Way, He Provides Stories Of His Own Encounters With The Place And Debunks Several Popular Myths.This Is The First Illustrated Version Of This Groundbreaking And Important Book And Includes Vintage Photographs, Memorabilia, And Maps, As Well As Full Color Photography Of The Battlefields And Historical Landmarks As They Stand Today Sidebars Written By Contemporary Soldiers, Statesmen, And Women Of The Day, As Well As Pieces By Some Of Today S Best Known Historians And Writers, Add Context To This Engaging And Popular Book.

[Download] ➼ Hallowed Ground: A Walk at Gettysburg (Crown Journeys) ➻ James M. McPherson – Techotechies.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Hallowed Ground: A Walk at Gettysburg (Crown Journeys)
  • James M. McPherson
  • 08 July 2017
  • 9780760347768

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    Hallowed Ground A Walk at Gettysburg, Three Days in July More than any other place in the United States, this battlefield is indeed hallowed ground Perhaps no word in the American language has greater historical resonance than Gettysburg For some people Lexington and Concord, or Bunker Hill, or Yorktown, or Omaha Beach would be close rivals But Americans visit Gettysburg each year than any of these other battlefields perhaps than all of them combined Although I was born in Alabama and live here still, I revere Abraham Lincoln My first job was as a sign painter for outdoor advertising It was a tough job, putting up metal paneled billboards I was in high school With my first paycheck I bought a bust of Abraham Lincoln I ve had it ever since This is the 150th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg Three days in July the first, second, and third There is irony that the greatest battle on American soil ended one day before Independence Day Or perhaps, there is no irony in it at all For the end result was that this struggle marked the great turning point in the American Civil War that led us to be one nation, united, and we celebrate the Fourth of July as Americans, one and all.James M McPherson, the Pulitzer Prize winn...

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    Hallowed Ground A Walk at Gettysburg is about how the armies didn t want to fight at Gettysburg but went union soldiers saw confederate soldiers coming closer they stared to fire at them It talked about where all the monuments are in Gettysburg In the book i...

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    As a result of reading quite a few books by the author 1 , I have come to the understanding that James McPherson writes a great deal of short and topical books on various Civil War matters, and many of them are filled with a certain sense of wit as well as a highly critical attitude towards what he views as particularly poor historiography Those tendencies are all in full evidence here, and this is a book that has a particularly narrow scope but one that handles that scope particularly well and with a sense of savage wit that I can only appreciate and enjoy given my own Whether or not you like this book will depend on how you feel about the importance of the Battle of Gettysburg and efforts to preserve the truths of that battle in history and memory If you have a vested interest and a concern in the Battle of Gettysburg and have or want to travel there, this is a very enjoyable book If you have little interest in the Civil War and in Gettysburg in particular, you are not really going to get a lot out of this short volume.In about 140 pages or so, James McPherson deals with the Battle of Gettysburg and tourism on that in a very straightforward fashion After a prologue discussing the terrain and transportation nature of Gettysburg that made it a battlefield, the author discus...

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    Great summary review of Gettysburg that can be read in one sitting Discussing the pivotal battle of the Civil War, he hits the high points and key movements.

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    Premier Civil War historian takes a walk at Gettysburg s three days.

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    James McPherson has done it again, just when I think that there is nothing to be said about the battle of Gettysburg, he goes ahead and proves me wrong Hallowed Ground A Walk at Gettysburg , is not intended to provide a thorough examination of this penultimate Civil War battle, instead it serves as historical guidebook While taking readers on a tour of the Gettysburg National Park as well as areas of the town itself , McPherson provides the history of those sites, detailing the events that transpired on this ground, the leaders, the ordinary participants, the fighting and the outcome It is helped in this by being presented in chronological order, from the first shot fired by a Union infantryman at a Confederate, through the near disaster due to General Sickles mistake and the fierce battle for Little Round Top, down to Meade s decision not to attack the Confederates on 4 July 1863 In addition, McPherson s way with words and his ability to make fascinating events all the fascinating and compelling, leads to the success of this historical Guidebook , bringing even me to tears at several points Hallowed Ground A Walk at Gettysburg is an excellent read I would recommend it enthusiastically for readers who are only familiar with the basics of the battle of Gettysburg...

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    Author, Civil War scholar, and Princeton history professor James M McPherson is your guide for a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield The book and the tour are arranged chronologically, as you read about and visit sites important to each of the three days of the July, 1863 battle I read the illustrated edition, which is enhanced with beautiful and sometimes harrowing pictures of places and people involved in the conflict The story of the fightin...

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    McPherson has a very natural, comfortable writing style and can evoke small anecdotal moments that can be clearly seen in the mind s eye as well as he can explain strategies and tactics of battle The book has just the proper length, depth and tone and offers simple illustrative maps to help us picture the layout each day of the battle I was surprised and amuse...

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    This is a short book about the site of the battle that is considered the turning point in the Civil War I think it would be a good book for someone with an intermediate knowledge of Gettysburg It would also be good for a person who has just visited Gettysburg or who is preparing to visit This book focuses on the land of Gettysburg, which is a novel approach It has interesting factoids that are arranged well, but I don t think it was meant to be an...

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    This short book is written in McPherson s clear style The historian shares brief anecdotal stories and tackles the many myths that arose from this cataclysmic and decisive Civil War battle Hallowed Ground is perfect for anyone planning to visit Gettysburg, as McPherson weaves history into precise geographic spots on a battlegro...

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