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Retired Slayer (Sasha Bishop #1) Seventeen Year Old Sasha Bishop Has Done What No Other Slayer Has She Survived To The Retirement Age Of Seventeen Now She Gets To Move To A New City, Start A New School During Her Senior Year, And She Has To Leave Behind Her 167 Year Old, Semi Unofficial, Undead Boyfriend, Hutch Aka Andrew Hutcherson.At Her New School, Sasha Becomes Friends With Her Handsome, Motorcycle Riding, Neighbor, Dillon Hutcherson, Who Bares An Uncanny Resemblance To Hutch Sasha Digs Into The Mystery And Finds That Hutch Fathered A Child Before He Was Changed Into A Vampire In 1865 Further Research Reveals That Dillon Is, In Fact, Hutch S Great, Great Grandson Now Sasha, With Dillon In Tow, Must Return To Her Hometown And Resume Her Past Duties As The Slayer In Order To Quell A Vampire Uprising.During The First Battle, A Quirk Of Fate Has Dillon Changing Into A Vampire Only The Quick Action Of Sasha S Watcher, Branson Seyfried, Saves The Boy From Becoming One Of The Undead A Transfusion Consisting Of Hutch S Vampire Venom And Sasha S Slayer Blood Saves Dillon, But Gives Him The Life Of A Halfling In Addition, Hutch Now Has Slayer Blood And Sasha Has Vampire Venom The Three Are Not Only A Danger To Humans, But To Vampire Kind.The Impending War Between Human And Vampire Is Nothing Compared To The War Within Sasha S Own Heart As She Battles Her Feelings For Hutch And His Grandson During The Final Battle, Sasha Learns Many Family Secrets, Discovers Her Hearts True Love, And Finds Happiness In A World Filled With Shadows.

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    I rated this book at 5 stars The main character, Sasha, has a life of adventure as a Slayer Her attempt to hold onto some sense of normalcy is understandable however, the weirdness of her former life always catches up to her I love the tidbits of back story the author gives regarding Hutch and his former life His background is pretty cool The tie between Hutch ...

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    3.5 5.0 Sasha Bishop Retired Vampire Slayer is an obvious homage to the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer , with some elements of Stephenie Meyer s Twilight thrown in Some readers will greatly appreciate the obvious similarities, while others might find...

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    I loved it kept my attention from the very beginning couldn t put it downI loved it kept my attention from the very beginning couldn t put it down absolutely amazing Can t wait for the next book

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    I loved this book Cannot wait till book two

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    .This is supposed to be the first of two books yet when downloaded, book 1 and 2 are the exact same.

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