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The Wild Hunt Young Chantal Fabian Is Whisked Away From Her Comfortable Life By The Handsome But Sinister Lord Mortmain And Made To Serve As Governess In His Gloomy Castle Shadowy Figures And The Evidence Of Unfathomable Danger Trouble The Girl And It Becomes Obvious That Someone Or Something Is After Chantal As The Ancient Ritual Of The Wild Hunt Unfolds.

[Read] ➲ The Wild Hunt  ➮ Jill Tattersall – Techotechies.us
  • Hardcover
  • 243 pages
  • The Wild Hunt
  • Jill Tattersall
  • English
  • 09 September 2018
  • 0688002277

10 thoughts on “The Wild Hunt

  1. says:

    jill tattersall writes amazing gothic suspense novels, there is no doubt about thatbut this is the second one i have read now that I found to be just way too confusing There are so many intricately detailed plots on top of subplots woven in and out of the fabric of the story, not to mention the ginormous cast of charactersso many that you have to keep straight, each one with their own set of background stories, incl...

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    I thought this book would, as my fourth gothic romance in a row, blend with the others into obscurity, but I was pleased to find that it stands out among those of its genre The characters were clever and amusing, the heroine especially, and the hero was as dark, satanic, and attractive as I could hope The witchcraft makes the plot a little different and intriguing, and the Wild Hunt is very cool The romance is great, not explicit but there are some small but satisfying hints of sex at the end I thought this book would, as my fourth gothic romance in a row, blend with t...

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    First novel I read by Jill Tattersall and it made me want to read all her books Love her style of writing She inspired me to look at other Gothic Romance novels such as Victoria Holt I ll admit I suspected the identity of Morimain but I still was waiting till the very...

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