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Blood, Sweat & Tears (The New World Series, #5) BLOOD, SWEAT TEARS Is Book 5 In The Exciting Postapocalyptic Series, THE NEW WORLD War All Gordon Van Zandt Wanted Was To Find A Safe Place For His Family To Settle Down After Civilization Came To An Abrupt End Following The Detonation Of A Super EMP Over North America Through Hardship And Loss He Found A Sanctuary In The Mountains Of Idaho However, The Realities Of The New World Again Come Crashing Down When His Brother, Sebastian, Is Murdered By A Deranged U.S Army Officer Hell Bent On Crushing A Secessionist Movement Gordon Had No Part Of Forced To Take Sides In A Conflict He Sought To Avoid, He Comes To Realize That If His Family Is To Have Peace, He Ll Have To Go To War To Secure It With Revenge In His Heart And An Army At His Disposal, He Goes On The Offensive Against The Very Country He Once Swore An Allegiance To Defend President Conner S Forceful Determination To Prevent The Country From Fracturing Only Hastened It Faced With All Out War Against The Newly Formed Republic Of Cascadia In The Northwest And With Other Secessionist Movements Gaining Steam, He Discovers He S An Isolated Man With Few Options For Victory War Is Hell And Now Many Will Find Out How True That Is THE NEW WORLD SERIES THE END THE LONG ROAD SANCTUARY THE LINE OF DEPARTURE BLOOD, SWEAT TEARS

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    Building up to be one of the very best post collapse America series Tradjedy and triumph follow Gordon Van Zandt and his family throughout his story as the leader of Cascadia s military forces The saga has gone from one man s struggle to survive the collapse to the struggles of a fledgling nation fighting for freedom and independence Just as it was in the first four books, the characters, plot, events and even the framing device are perfectly cr...

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    This entire series is an excellent way to begin enjoying the works of Mr Hopf There is no drag There is no lull The books in this series are constant, invigorating, and addictive Each book adds to the story in such a cr...

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    I m a little bummed it was shorter than I recall the previous books being and 30 pages devoted to previews for other books However Hopf writes a damned good story, and this was still a good read Love this series.

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    See book 1

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    A little slower paced than the previous books, but clearly setting up an action packed follow up.

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    Still good even though it is a never ending story.

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    Keeps getting betterI like his style He keeps it interesting all the way along and still has room for surprises The heroes don t always win.

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    Hemm, somehow loosing a bit interest in this series To simple writing and storyline I will try the next one since we are closing in on the ending.

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