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When the Duke Was WickedAutora Vencedora Do Pr Mio RITA Para Melhor RomanceLady Grace Mabry Tem Tudo O Que Uma Donzela Debutante Pode Desejar Bonita, Inteligente, Vem De Boas Fam Lias E Possui Um Dote Bastante Valioso No Entanto, Grace Desconfia Dos In Meros Pretendentes Que A Cortejam, Pois Acredita Que Muitos Est O Apenas Interessados Na Sua RiquezaPara A Ajudar A Perceber Se Os Interesses Dos Seus Apaixonados S O Genu Nos, Grace Procura O Seu Amigo De Inf Ncia, O Duque De Lovingdon Sem Qualquer F No Amor Desde Que Perdeu A Fam Lia, Lovingdon Vive Uma Vida De Libertinagem E Prazer Conhecedor Dos Jogos E Estratagemas Para Conseguir A Aten O De Uma Mulher, Lovingdon S Tem De Ensinar A Inocente Grace A Diferenciar As Emo Es Falsas Das VerdadeirasMas Mal As Li Es Come Am, Lovingdon Depara Se Com Um Jogo Demasiado Perigoso, Que Parece N O Conseguir Controlar Conseguir O Duque Abrir O Seu Cora O Inteiramente Ou Ir Perder Aquela Que Descobriu Que Ama

Free ↠ When the Duke Was Wicked By Lorraine Heath –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • When the Duke Was Wicked
  • Lorraine Heath
  • Portuguese
  • 03 April 2017
  • 9789898839459

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    Actual rating 3.5So maybe I cried a little bit I swear to god it s not THAT type of tear jerker book, but one paragraph just hit me hard Before I knew it, my nose was stinging, my eyes were watering, and to my absolute horror, I felt a single tear slipping down my cheeks DAMMIT.There was absolutely nothing vexing about this book It was thoroughly pleasant, thoroughly comforting, and completely enjoyable It is the equivalent of a warm scarf on a rainy day.The main character is a sweet, rational, absolutely likeable young woman She has grown up in the warm embrace of a a loving family, and we can see that she has grown up all the better for it The love interest is a dissolute rake, but not in the way you would expect The side cast is absolutely delightful, and I look forward to seeing of them in the next book Nothing hurts.The Summary Up until 2 years ago, Henry, the Duke of Lovingdon, was an exemplary man who led a blameless life All my life I had sought to do the right and proper thing I did not frequent gaming hells I did not imbibe until I became a stumbling drunk I fell in love at nineteen, married at twenty one I did the honorable thing I did not bed my wife until I wed her On our wedding night she was not the only virgin between our sheets. This flawless existence fell apart when his beloved wife and young daughter died.With their deaths, Lovingdon fell apart in a blaze of misery He hated the world and who can blame him I was brought up to believe that we were rewarded according to our behavior Yet the Fates had conspired to punish me, to take away that which I treasured above all else, and I could find no cause for their unkind regard.And so I said to hell with it all I would sow the wild oats I had not in my youth I would gamble, I would drink, I would know many women. Lovingdon, heartbroken with grief, said Fuck it all to the world, and set out to sleep and drink and gamble and do all the good stuff that rakes do And he s content to while away his existence in this dissolute manner until one night, when he is interrupted in flagrante delicto by his childhood neighbor, Grace.Grace is 19 She has had a privileged existence Her parents, the Duke and Duchess, adore her She is well bred, she is well educated, spirited and lively without bitchiness, she is kind, she is not a snob, she is exemplary.And she wants a husband Grace doesn t want Lovingdon as her husbandshe wants his help in finding one who loves her Grace is a Duke s daughter She comes with a huge dowry All of England s fortune hunters are out for her hand And they were charming Every last one of them Which was part of her dilemma How to separate charm from con. Grace wants to be able to tell who loves her, and who only wants her for the money she will bring to the marriage I do not doubt that I will know if I love him But how will I know if he loves me With so many men vying for my affections, how can I know if their hearts are true I shall marry only once, and fortune hunters abound I want to ensure that I choose well Good girl Grace has a good head on her shoulders, but Lovingdon is too busy wallowing in his misery and grief to bother.But he does care Lovingdon has grown up with Grace He has known Grace was a little child who refused to come down from a tree He knows that she needs his guidance As reluctant as he is to give it to her, Lovindgon knows that she needs his help Slowly, Lovingdon emerges from his cave of misery Try as he might, Lovingdon can find nobody good enough for Grace, and as he starts to instruct her on what to search for in the right man He would touch you in ways he could not touch you with his hands not in public But images would be filling his mind He would be unable to tear his gaze away Clearing his throat, he broke the connection that was joining them and looked up into the trees He will look at you, Little Rose, as though you are everything, because to him you will be he realizes that he wants her for himself.It wouldn t be a story if there were no challenges to their love, and Lovingdon has got a whole lot of mental scars to overcome He won t marry again, Grace Something inside him broke with the death of Juliette and Margaret You can t put him back together, sweetheart, not the way he was Grace herself is not the carefree miss we initially believe her to be, she, too, has scars that we will slowly come to discover We all have jagged edges Hers hideous than any Lovingdon might possess. They are so perfect together Will Lovingdon ever overcome his grief to love again Will Grace find the love she has been searching for Why can t it be you I don t have it within me to love like that again His voice was somber, reflective, filled with pain and anguish. Grace Grace is one of the most enjoyable HR characters I can remember reading She is so rational, so sweet, so kind This is not one of those books without female friendships, there is no girl hate in this book at all Grace is than happy to help out a friend or an acquaintance in need She knows that she is the most desirable woman in town because of her dowry, but far from being a friendless, snobby chit, she is always happy to make friends with those who might be rivals Lady Cornelia beamed, and Grace didn t think she looked at all like a ghoul She thought she closely resembled an angel The other girls are jealous of the attentions you get, you know I know But we always want what someone else has What do you want Grace gently squeezed her arm I want you to have Lord Ambrose Grace is so sensible, she knows that the world does not revolve around her falling in love Grace wants it, but she knows that life will continue as it always does, her life does not hinge around finding the right man She cursed Lovingdon for not taking her problem seriously, but then she supposed it wasn t truly a serious problem No one would go hungry, be without shelter, or die because of her choice And if she didn t choose, her parents weren t likely to disown her She supposed she could live very happily without a husband, but it was the absence of love that was troubling. THANK YOU, RATIONALITY.Grace holds her infatuation in check Rest assured, she has had an infatuation with Lovingdon since they were children I can t blame her, Lovingdon is, after all, the childhood rescuer of kittens However, they are grown now, and she knows it is silly to place her heart and hopes with him, a rake in mourning, who will never accept love her heart did that silly little somersault thing in her chest, which had irritated her beyond measure She didn t want it dancing about for him He had proven to be a disappointment She loved him as a friend, a brother Her woman s heart would never love him as than that. Grace hurts, she hurts deeply, but she has her pride, too She is unwilling to compromise for love Staring at him, she shook her head I can t make it work without falling in love I won t I deserve a man who cares if I die Grace may have a broken heart, but she never falls comatose and prostate with grief for the fact that love has passed her by she certainly wasn t going to sit here all night feeling sorry for herself She thought about trying to sketch She had been working on a story told through pictures of a bunny who had lost an ear and feared no other rabbit would ever love him, because he was scarred and different She thought she would have it published as a children s book, but at the moment she didn t care about the damn bunny.She hurt too much to care about anything. Lovingdon More than once in this book, I wanted to take a cold cup of ice water and toss it at Lovingdon s head because he is so incredibly stubborn But then again, it s a rake Stubborn is their middle name Lovingdon is prostate with grief and guilt over his wife and daughter s death, so much that he refuses to love again He is truly sincere about helping Grace He cares about her, as a friend, as a woman, as someone he respects Grace deserves the best of men She deserves better than a man who sees only a fortune when he gazes on her Until that moment he hadn t realized the truth of those words She did deserve the love she so desperately sought Lovingdon is so consumed by his guilt at all time She wanted love He could give her lust in abundance, but not love He had closed his heart to the possibility He would never again experience the devastating pain of loss He would not love He would not. Lovingdon knows Grace wants him, but he can t give her the love that she deserves Grace is better than what Lovingdon can give her She deserves a man who loves her entirely, not one who is broken He did care about her, dammit, just not as she wished, not with his entire heart and soul Those belonged to, would always belong to, Juliette.He cared for Grace too much to place her second when she deserved to be some man s first. If there is one character that is mildly vexing about this book, it is Lovingdon s stubbornness.The Other Characters This book does secondary character so well that it makes me want to go back and read the other books in Lorraine Heath s repertoire so I could get of them Husbands, wives, brothers, friends the other characters in this book feel like they belong They are not merely scenery, they feel like old friends we haven t seen in a long time.The secondary characters in this book are so awesome From Grace s loving parents, the best, most wondrously generous and kind of parents, to her friends, to her adopted brother, Drake whom I hope we ll be seeing again soon The love the characters in the book have for one another, the respect and protectiveness they have for Grace was a joy to read Help her if you ve a mind to Otherwise walk away I value your friendship, but I value hers I could destroy you within the blink of an eye The Faults This book is not perfect, here is why 1 Lovingdon s relationship with Juliette It didn t feel genuine You judge love by her, she stated No question, and yet he felt obligated to answer I judge everything by her Lovingdon s love for Juliette always feels too perfect, a pastel carnation compared to the fiery red rose of Grace Lovingdon expresses a lot of grief for Juliette, but it feels somewhat unbelievable when he describes his relationship to Juliette asdull Hadn t he taken Juliette for walks in the garden at night whether the moon was full or absent, and behaved himself A kiss on the back of her hand Twice he leaned over for a kiss on the cheek Once he had grazed his mouth across hers in much the same manner that Grace had described Somerdale s kiss Innocent Respectful Boring as hell.Only now did he realize how dull his courtship had been. 2 Juliette s memory is lifeless His relationship with Grace seems only to heighten how perfectly bland Lovingdon s relationship with his late life was They are calm, she is demure She is too perfect So perfect that she is lifeless He d never had harsh words with Juliette They d never argued She d never been short with him or looked as though she were on the verge of reaching across the expanse separating them in order to give him a good hard shake. This serves to highlight how GOOD, how spirited Grace is in comparison, and I don t appreciate that It feels like Juliette s memory is manufactured to be bland in order to make Grace look better in contrast.Overall a good book, if rather bland.

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    What a lovely read I love the heroine So brave and strong The hero typical tortured man.Part of the subject matter was one I had not read in an Historical before and I loved it Very relevant and close to my heart Lady Luck isn t with you tonight Beware, Beware, Beware He wanted her Stretched out on the green grass among the wildflowers Now you know why it is so important that he love me, for me A very enjoyable read.

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    I didn t really connect with the main characters, so the the romance wasn t all that great They did get a bit better around 60% in the book The writing was good but I ll likely forget about this book and characters by next week I m glad I read books 3 and 4 before this book because I don t know if I would have continued with the series.

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    Me ha gustado, pero no me parece de los mejores de esta autora.Es una historia bonita y sencilla, muy previsible La superaci n personal de dos personas y la totalmente opuesta manera de superar una desgracia el mensaje me ha encantadoel problema es que creo que Lovington sale demasiado indemne de la situaci n Durante toda la novela En mi opini n, se pasa mucho con la protagonista que pobre lo aguanta todo con una paciencia infinita Y en general resulta una trama muy lineal.Pese a todo, la autora y su estilo, que a m me gusta mucho, consigue interesarte con el tema del misterio que esconde Grace, admito que cuando lo he sabido me he sorprendido pues no pensaba que eso en aquella poca fuera conocido me ha chirriado un poco, pero luego la autora me explica al final, as que mea culpa Me esperaba m s relevancia de personajes secundarios, aparecen algunos, pero de forma muy ligera, quiz s en las pr ximas entregas que seguro que leere.El ep logo emociona Muy bonito no es algo que eche de menos en una novela y me suelen resultar indiferentes, pero la autora ha escrito uno muy bonito.

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    2.75 starsThis was not at all what I ve come to expect from Lorraine Heath I didn t really connect with the main characters, so the the romance wasn t all that spectacular The hero was a bit of an ass He had his reasons, and he truly cared for Grace, but I just wasn t all that convinced of his ultimate feelings Plus, there were some parts in the first half of the book that kind of turned me off.

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    2,5 , ..

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    This book contains all the best and worst elements of Heath s writing Best A very interesting central premise around which the story pivots view spoiler The heroine has had breast cancer and had her breast removed to treat it, which has led to understandable concerns about her body and that a man love her before marriage lest he otherwise be repulsed hide spoiler

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    THE SCOUNDRELS OF ST JAMES remains my favourite Lorraine Heath series and I have been looking forward to reading the stories of their offspring in SCANDALOUS GENTLEMEN OF ST JAMES The protagonists in the first book are Henry, Duke of Lovingdon, Olivia s son from BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND DESIRE and Lady Grace Mabry, Frannie and Sterling s daughter from SURRENDER TO THE DEVIL.I loved this book Lorraine Heath weaves such a beautiful, deeply emotional and moving love story Lovingdon Lovingdon had once been a man above reproach but that was before he was totally devastated by the death of his wife and daughter from typhus Lost in guilt, grief and remorse, he has become little than a hollow shell a hardened rake living a life of debauchery.My heart went out to Lovingdon He had always been honourable and good but, when the two people he treasured the most were taken away, he felt that fate was in some way punishing him and I could understand his reactions perfectly I was brought up to believe that we were rewarded according to our behavior Yet the Fates had conspired to punish me, to take away that which I treasured above all else, and I could find no cause for their unkind regard.And so I said to hell with it all I would sow the wild oats I had not in my youth I would gamble, I would drink, I would know many women.The pain and grief he suffered was so great, he knew he could never face that sort of loss again he could never love again Lady Grace Mabry Grace is such a wonderful heroine lovely, charming, kind but also bold, clever and determined She also drinks, steals her father s cigars and cheats at cards Hardly surprising given where her mother grew up and her associates She has also suffered a terrible loss, something known only to her immediate family but, rather than retreating from life like Lovingdon, she has chosen to embrace it She dreams of marrying a man who truly loves her for herself, imperfections and all.The romance between Grace and Lovingdon evolved so beautifully full of poignant, heart breaking and heart warming moments and I m sharing some of my favourites She was Lady Grace Mabry, lover of kittens, thief of biscuit tins , and climber of trees What the devil was he doing thinking of her wrapped in silk sheets He could imagine it Vividly Too vividly Her skin flushed with the fire of passion Her lips plump from pressure Her gaze smoldering with blazing desire He imagined taking her mouth, burning his brand on her soul.He wished he could reach past the shards of his broken heart and find a fragment of love that remained unclaimed that he could offer her, but she deserved so much than a scrap She was worthy of a whole of a heart and then some.Dear God, he d certainly felt dead these past two years Until this marvelous woman had knocked on his bedchamber door Until she challenged him and irritated him Until she d shown him what it was to want, to desire, to dream of something grand that would last a lifetime.I don t want to give too much away about the nature of Grace s secret but I admire Ms Heath for introducing an issue which I have never seen in historical romance before It added another layer to Grace s character and the scene where she reveals her secret to Lovingdon and his acceptance of her was so moving.I enjoyed the glass blowing scene where Grace s descriptions of the processes evoke all sorts of erotic thoughts in Lovingdon s mind I love the card game at Dodger s Drawing Room, which introduces all the other scandalous gentlemen and gives some insight into these future heroes of the series It was a nice touch when Grace gives the password Feagan to gain entry to the gaming hell a reference to the kidsman in the original series.The other secondary characters that really stood out were Grace s parents, Frannie and Sterling, who obviously love her very much They never try to rein her in and are always supportive.There is an emotional Epilogue and the final words Lovingdon writes in his journal are truly beautiful and romantic.Once again, Ms Heath delivers a captivating and emotionally satisfying love story and I will certainly be reading the other books in the series You don t have to have read THE SCOUNDRELS OF ST JAMES to enjoy this series but it would be a pity to miss such wonderful books.REVIEW RATING 5 5 STARSThe Scandalous Gentlemen of St James so far click on covers for details 28 April 2015This review is also posted on my Rakes and Rascals Blog

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    The author s choice to make the hero s lastname be Lovingdon was REALLY bad, considering the word love is mentioned approximately a bajillion times in this book Having love be in his name too puts it into solidly obnoxious territory Lovingdon is a widower who spends the entire book thinking about Grace and how he cannot love her because of his deceased wife who he doesn t think about at all We don t even get one fleshed out memory of her out of him in this entire thing Meanwhile Grace is supposedly busy trying to figure out which of her many suitors really does love her, but we barely spend any time with any of them either Granted, her reason why she finds love to be so important is completely understandable, and was the only interesting thing in this book But that s not enough to make this book worth your time.

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    He won t marry again, Grace Something inside him broke with the death of Juliette and Margaret You can t put him back together, sweetheart, not the way he was Oh sniff, this was good Lady Grace Mabry is on the marriage market, but she s set on finding a man who truly loves her there s to it than just the usual young miss stamping her feet and demanding twu wuv, but I can t give that away She s got plenty of suitors eyeing her ample dowry, but how does she know which man will love her and not just the money In this story, Grace seeks the aid of childhood friend the Duke of Lovingdon actually he was a friend of her older brothers, but Grace always tagged along Lovingdon has spent the last two years after the death of his wife and daughter drinking, whoring and gambling his life away Grace and her suitors are the last things he needs in his life, or so he thinks The prologue is simply a two page heart breaker of a note from Lovingdon s journal about the death of his wife and daughter, and sets up his current mindset to a t I do like how Heath is able to use Lovingdon s grief and angst without going into a whining pity party Grace is a very refreshing character, plenty of sass and spunk, but without going into the foot stomping heroine territory that drives me bananas She got a wee bit too much freedom to come and go from her family home, but that is a very minor quibble to a story well done.I won t spoil, but the final resolution leading to the HEA was very well done All in all a nice romance for a lighter read but be warned the sexual content is a bit steamy and might not suit all readers This is the first book in a planned series, and from what I ve picked up Heath wrote a series about the prior generation, now we re getting the children s stories as they ve grown up Ebook obtained via library loan.

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