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Romulus, Vol. 1 Our World Isn T Free All Of Us, For Generations, Have Lived Under The Secret Control Of The Ancient Order Of Romulus One Young Woman, Raised By Them, Trained By Them, Betrayed By Them, Must Push Through Her Fear To Take A Stand Against The Silent Evil That Masters Our World Her Name Is Ashlar, And Her War Begins With The Brutal First Chapter Of The New Image Series ROMULUS, From Writer Bryan Hill POSTAL And Artist NELSON BLAKE II MAGDELENA Collects Issues 1 Through 4.

[[ BOOKS ]] ✸ Romulus, Vol. 1  Author Bryan Hill – Techotechies.us
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Romulus, Vol. 1
  • Bryan Hill
  • 02 November 2017
  • 9781534301016

10 thoughts on “Romulus, Vol. 1

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    The thought process behind this coming is utterly simplistic, and extremely, albeit casually, 1 racist and 2 sexist and 3 queerphobic This is all never exactly flagrant, but only symptomatic of the lack of diversity in the writing team 1 I do not believe one second that a black woman would be that excited about a white feminism book written by a rich privileged head of a multinational organization bent on world domination, nor that a young poor black genius would be oblivious of his own anger at the system created to oppress him, and the condescending paternalistic tone of the white rich woman trying to exploit him.2 Of course, the MC did not learn from her mother, the best wolf she s ever known, and has to accept the paternalistic lessons from the white Illuminati man, wh...

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    Kickass main character, very cool art but unfortunately not much else to grab my attention Usual secret organisation type thing trying to take over the world, only one girl who is good at punching things can stop them, etc etc Heard this tune a few too many times to buy the album, but can bop...

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    I did not realize until I finished this that I m not the target audience The art was pretty cool, the story is a little too loose for me.

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    Lettering for the first half of the book is weird It is too thick Then it switches and it s better But it is really distracting Art is good Not great but good with potential and the artist can draw but except for faces and bodies it is not much A story is about a young assassin and secret organizations this isn t a book for me I read this cause of Bryan Edward Hill and I was a li...

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    Romulus vs the Illuminati and Ashlar in the middleAshlar is brought up by her mother to be a fighter, to stand against Romulus, an international undercover organisation with questionable aims The Illuminati recruit her to continue the struggle against Romulus and much fighting ensues Other ch...

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    Simple plot but fairly enjoyable I look forward to see where this may go.

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    Where was the plot because I didn t see one The artwork was fairly decent.

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    Received a galley from Image Good art Weird pacing A passable story.So, no regrets about reading it, but overall meh.

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    Romulus was an impulse buy for me, I just saw it, loved the cover, and thought it had an interesting concept so I decided to give it a try I ve heard of both the writer Bryan Hill from Postal and the artist Nelson Blake II from Magdelena previously, so that was another pro in Romulus corner view spoiler Ashlar is the last of the wolves, and even though she was raised and trained by the Order of Romulus, she now fights against them Why Romulus tricked her people, they tricked everyone They re the type of organization that acts like a wolf in sheep s clothing an ironic comparison, when you think about it They had her mother killed Need I say Unfortunately Ashlar is still too untrained and undisciplined to take them on and have any chance of winning it was touched on lightly in the comics, but it appears that she was actually hoping to fail and die, so at least that way it would all be over Ashlar makes a few friends can I call them that They re than acquaintances, but how much that wish to help her with her cause, no matter the danger I ...

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