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The Orange Grove (Biblioasis International Translation Series Book 16) A Finely Sculpted Gem Possibly The Best Novel To Come From Quebec In 2013 Elle A Fluid And Disturbing Fable Subtle And Extraordinary La Presse An Essential Book ChatelaineIn An Unnamed And War Torn Country, Twin Brothers Amed And Aziz Live In The Sanctuary Of The Family S Orange Grove But When A Bomb Comes From The Other Side Of The Mountain And Kills Their Grandparents, Their Father Must Choose How Best To Avenge His Parents Death, With Tragic And Unforeseen Consequences.Morally Complex And Completely Unforgettable, Larry Tremblay S Bestselling The Orange Grove Offers Up A Tragic Fable About The Absurd Logic Of Terrorism, The Power Of Brotherly Love, And The Hope For Peace In A Broken World.

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    Living in Somalia where it is tribal country where you have hundreds of people who you can claim they are your cousin and they are your shelter when everything around is crumbling.At one side being tribal it means you have cousins who will help you in marriage,cousins who would help when disaster or death struck you family as they are your only social securitybut this model also has negative sides to it , if you were unfortunately killed by people from other nation or tribe you can be sure that your tribe would eventually take revenge for you, and those who will help you seek justice or revenge are your fellow cousins from your tribethis social model is the reason for my nation to go through 25 years of civil war where you don t know where this cycle of violence has started but you sure it would continue for long time.this social model is also what made the America to be stuck fighting 17 years with tribesmen all way from Mali to Somalia to middle east to Afghanistan and it seems there is no end to this endless warhis is short which is almost 174 pages which explores the nature of terrorism and extremism,how young children are recruited to be killing machine and how religion can be corrupted and used to explain the horrific things humans can do to each other.this novel starts with the twin who lives happily in their orange farm where suddenly a missile launched from th...

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    This book was published by the UK small press, Peirene Press a boutique publishing house with a traditional commitment to first class European literature in high quality translation and whose style is described by the TLS as Two hour books to be devoured in a single sitting literary cinema for those fatigued by film This book represents a slight variation on both of these themes firstly as a translation of a Quebecois novel the author Larry Tremblay lives in Montreal and is the author of some 30 books, although this is only his third novel the translator Sheila Fischman has translated than 150 Quebecois novels into English secondly it is even shorter than the normal and in my case easily read on a 40 minute train journeyThe attached link gives a comprehensive summary of the plot of the novel and its key themes always being interested in new additions to the twins in literature genre particularly when such twins are identical and enjoying the deliberately country free and therefore figurative nature of the examination of civil tribal wars, I felt strangely dissatisfied by the setting of the later d nouement of the earlier action in an acting classes play In particular I started this section hoping that it was a clever and deliberately self referential critique of th...

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    Vivimos en un mundo de guerra donde los ni os, los adultos y la gente de la tercera edad, viven sus d as como si fueran los ltimos Y esto se debe a que el poder, la corrupci n, la violencia y los intereses, son el pan de cada d a Estamos en una sociedad donde la muerte est latente, y que adem s no le importa raza o edad, la MUERTE SE LLEVA A TODOS Esta idea anterior la marca perfectamente este libro, que recomiendo ntegramente, ya que abre un panorama intelectual a lo que se esta viviendo en Venezuela y en pa ses del oriente, partiendo de la visi n y la voz entrecortada de unos gemelos de 9 a os, que fueron piezas de algo que llamamos guerra Para qu leer dos hermanos 1 Por qu te muestra las puertas de la realidad que viven las familias de oriente durante la guerra.2 Las costumbres y tradiciones de los personajes est n bien enmarcados 3 La manera en que esta narrada la novela es envolvente, te aseguro que una vez que la empieces no la soltar s, las mejores 5 horas de mi vida que le he dedicado a un libro en este a o 4 Los personajes son cre bles, enternecedores, dolorosos y formidables 5 El tema de quien son los villanos y quien son las victimas en una guerra, esta bien llevado Tanto as que, uno al terminar la novela, se pone a reflexionar que ambas partes tienen raz n, pero por culpa de la falta de un di logo s lo hay sangre derramada en vano 6 Los momentos del cl max te dejar n un hueco en el est mago Y ese final, te har re...

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    Magnifique roman la fois terrible, douloureux et d une intelligence rare, L orangeraie est un livre qui hante m me une fois referm Il contient tellement de messages, de r flexions, d horreur et de v rit qu il est indispensable de le lire Une cl...

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    3.5 Longlisted for the 2017 International Dublin formerly IMPAC literary award, this is the fable like story of one family in the war torn Middle East and the way notions of justice and sacrifice drive them to make extreme choices Tamara and Zahed live with their twin sons, nine year old Aziz and Ahmed, alongside an orange grove planted by Zahed s father Soulayed, a militant elder from the next village, describes it thus Your father, Mounir, worked his whole life on this arid soil It was desert here With God s help your father worked a miracle Made oranges grow where there had been only sand and stones.When Mounir and his wife Shahina are killed in a bombing, Soulayed stands among the ruins and counsels Zahed to seek revenge against their enemies by sending one of his sons to be a suicide bomber There s no doubt Soulayed is manipulating this grief stricken family to his own ends, but he isn t solely to blame when their culture at large romanticizes martyrdom.Zahed makes his choice, but Tamara won t accept it In a clever reprise of the Genesis story of Jacob and Esau, she helps the boys to make a switch right under their father s nose The last third of the book, like a coda, zooms ahead 11 years to show us the surviving brother, coming to the end of a four year theatre training program in Montreal He s given a starring role in his teacher s wartim...

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    C est une histoire de guerre racont e avec beaucoup d humanit mais aussi un peu de po sie Elle est v cue par un enfant qui tarde devenir adulte, emprisonn dans sa m moire meurtrie.

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    Magnifique R flexion troublante, enrageante travers une douce po sie.

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    Difficile de retenir ses larmes, un roman d chirant, voici ma chronique

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    Un coup de coeur, un must read pour tous les passionn s de la lecture En fait non, un must read pour tous J ai t boulevers e par l criture de Larry Tremblay Chapeau

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    Vainqueur du Prix litt raire des coll giens 2015, L orangeraie raconte une histoire cruelle par laquelle il est impossible de ne pas tre touch L auteur a su manier les mots pour donner aux lecteurs non seulement une ...

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