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The Clutter-Free Home When It Comes To Your Home, Peace Is Possible Longing For A Place Of Peace From Which You Can Love Others Well The Clutter Free Home Is Your Room By Room Guide To Decluttering, Reclaiming, And Celebrating Every Space Of Your Home Let Author Kathi Lipp Who Once Lived A Life Buried In Clutter Walk You Through Each Room Of Your House To Create Organizational Zones That Are Not Only Functional And Practical But Create Places Of Peace That Reflect Your Personality Kathi Will Help You Tackle The Four Step Process Of Dedicate, Decide, Declutter And Do Your Thing To Reveal The Home You Ve Always Dreamed Of, And Then Transform It Into A Haven That Reflects Who You Truly Are Meant To Be If You Re Also Feeling Overwhelmed By The Care And Upkeep Of All The Stuff Under Your Feet Or Sense That Your Home Is Running You, Instead Of The Other Way Around, Come Discover How To Create A Space That Doesn T Have To Be Showroom Perfect To Be Perfect For You And The People You Love

[Ebook] ↠ The Clutter-Free Home  Author Kathi Lipp – Techotechies.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • The Clutter-Free Home
  • Kathi Lipp
  • 19 June 2019
  • 9780736976985

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    I have been a Kathi Lipp reader since 2012 but it was the precursor to this book, Clutter Free, that changed my life In that book, I learned my problem wasn t housekeeping, it was the emotions that kept me tied to stuff that I didn t love, use or really even want.Fast forward to now, and I am proud to say I was chosen to co lead the manuscript development team for this book, The Clutter Free Home.This book answers the question that Clutter Free Academy podcast listeners and Facebook Group members have asked time and time again how do I keep the clutter away After being part of the book s creation, I am thrilled to see it finally in print and ready for the world.

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    I m a piles girl I dont want to be, but I am I find myself often drawn to books about how to eliminate those piles My home is rather clean but there is always clutter I have found recently that the clutter has a direct impact on my mood I decided to give this book a read in hopes to gain new insight on eliminating clutter While I dont feel that there was anything profound and ground breaking about releases the bonds of clutter, I did find that simply reading about it helped me want to eliminate it I read this in a few sittings I enjoyed that I was amped up and ready to get organized when I would take reading breaks There are some parallels between cleanliness and a Christian faith drawn in this book I didnt necessarily find that helpful or hurtful for the read I enjoyed that the author discussed her own life experiences with clutter rather than just be preachy Thank you netgalley for an advanced readers copy of this book These thoughts are my own and have not been influenced by any outside sources.

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    I purchased a goal setting planner at the beginning of the year, and one of the habits I decided to instill was to dedicate 15 minutes a day to eliminating clutter from my life, beginning with my home Imagine my surprise when I began reading The Clutter Free Home, and author Kathi Lipp was sharing her plan to declutter the home Part of this plan was to spend fifteen minutes a day attacking one small area in one room.Of course, Ms Lipp s procedure has than just those fifteen minutes a day, though what she suggests is not any difficult With over 50% of households struggling with their own clutter issues, this book is a haven and a promise of better times ahead The author maps it all out with simple, easy to follow steps Rather than tell us to set up in similar to her own home, Ms Lipp first asks each of us to determine what is the purpose of each room in our house, and how should it function Once we understand how we want each room to function, it is easier to declutter.The author cautions us that this is not an overnight fix The reality is that we will have to develop some new habits and make what might be some difficult choices When debating whether or not something is clutter, the initial questions are 1 Do you love it 2 Do you use it 3 Would you buy it again You need a strong yes to at least one question to classify the item as not clutter Ms Lipp also tackles the fun part of making each room our own, offering tips on decorations that enhance your enjoyment as opposed to setting out new clutter.The book proceeds in a logical fashion The overall plan is explained, and then the author moves to each room, explaining in greater detail what each of us might be faced with and I recognized my own home in many of her descriptions The author writes in a matter of fact, entertaining style, and her reality based humor constantly put a smile on my face.There are many tips in the book, and I firmly believe that giving up a few minutes a day and one hour once a week dedicated to one room will, in the long run, actually save time If your house is always perfect, good for you You ve already mastered the necessary habits For the rest of us, we have Kathi Lipp s book we ll be joining you soon Five stars.My thanks to NetGalley and harvest House publishers for a complimentary electronic copy of this book.

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    Clutter always is a kind of problem to me I have that bit of executive disfunction where I see all the clutters, but cannot seem to wrap my head around decluttering If I come across a book that tells it will help me, I pick it up It s a thing.So, I saw this book on Negalley, and as you can imagine, I had to read it Again, as you can imagine, I have read quite a lot of declutter books That means that many of the tips and tricks given in this book are not new to me Is that bad Absolutely not I think I need this sometimes, just to put me on the right track again It helps me realizing Oh yes, off course, I can do that and my house gets a bit decluttered again A thing I absolutely love about this book, are the examples throughout it, certainly since my house seems to be a perpetual cluttered thing, even when I decluttered Because of the examples, this book reads like it is written by someone who understands what it is to live in a cluttered space I have read many books of it s kind with just tips and tricks , and although we all know the writers are just human, this using real examples makes her feel real, instead of someone perfect I m not sure if I convey my meaning right, but well It certainly is a good thing We all like realness and being understood, right I received a free copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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    This book was an eye opener for me None of the information the author includes is groundbreaking or new, but the way she pieces it together is unique It is a wake up call In the first part of her book, she gives you her method for decluttering your home broken into 4 steps and executed in manageable 15 minute bursts a day along with a once per week 60 minute focused period in your room of choice She helps you to see through her book that what you thought was impossible, is actually super achievable In the second part, she helps you with how to go room by room in your home to tackle the specific clutter that tends to build up in each space ahemlike your basement or that packed to the limit drawer that you stick everything you don t know what to do with in The author says it herself, If you are struck by the thought that small changes can t make a difference, know that you are right but also realize that a thousand small tweaks combined can make a huge difference I have already started implementing the author s ideas for decluttering in my home and seeing a positive difference in our day to day lives Note I received an advance reader copy from the publisher.

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    I liked this book, even though it s not very different from a hundred other decluttering books out there I can t say it s my favorite I think my three favorites are don t hate on me The Magic of Tidying Up, the old classic Sidetracked Home Executives that inspired FlyLady keep in mind that it was originally published in 1977 and is a bit dated and needs work but come on, it inspired FlyLady , and How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind and to a lesser extent her sequel of Decluttering at the Speed of Life That said, this is a book that will give you good tools to declutter.The author goes room by room and tells you to basically think of the five purposes you want for that room like is your kitchen for eating, hanging out with loved ones, working at the table, etc and the five senses you want in that room, plus figure out what zones you have and make them functional for their purposes She says to declutter to 60% done and then start changing rooms to actually fit your dreams for them instead of just using every little thing you have and letting that dictate the room, which is good advice I m not sure the 5 senses thing worked well for me I don t know that I have a taste I want in the bathroom or bedroom, or a touch for the kitchen It often felt like a stretch It would be easier for me to just wonder for each room if there s a certain scent that I want to use in that room Also, I m not a fan of adding scents via scented candles, air fresheners, scented products, etc it s really pretty awful for our health so I don t want to basically perfume my rooms to set a mood The basic premise for what to do in each room is helpful though Fill in the blank charts asking you these questions take up the end of each chapter, which is sort of padding for the book but can be helpful if you have a physical copy and like that sort of thing.One of my biggest issues with decluttering books is that you can usually sum up the aha points that will change your life in one or two paragraphs in a review, and the book itself is the person talking a whole lot or explaining it in as many words as possible Here s how to apply the exact same thing in the living room Here s a chapter explaining the exact same thing in the dining room The aha point that got me in Kondo s book was to ask if it sparks joy plus a couple of others In HTMYHWLYM it s to think of the container concept that you have so much room for each thing and that s how much stuff you can have, so get rid of the stuff that you love least and make it fit that container whether it s books on your bookcase, underwear in your underwear drawer or stuff in your house in general In SHE, it s the filing card system, among a few other things So the best stuff that I got from this book I ve just said above I ve noticed that a lot of decluttering authors write multiple books and then they just say the same things again, try to put it in a different order or with a different system, tell different stories, and add in anybody else s tips they can think of Ironically, you end up with your time cluttered up by a book with one or two good ideas buried in hours of words.I see from my read shelves that I ve read 6 different books just with the word clutter in them, and I know I ve read double that many that deal with the subject I ve kind of read it all This is a good book and I liked it, though it didn t inspire me or help with my own clutter as much as some others I ve read that I mentioned above I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for the purpose of review.

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    If you have clutter in your life, this book is what you need Make your home so that it serves you not you serving it, love this quote from the book I have had clutter all my life and believe this book is what I have needed but never had Kathi shows us how to dedicate our spaces and create areas we can love to have as part of our lives This book is a great read Can t wait to put these great ideas to work and get rid finally of the clutter in my life.

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    THE CLUTTER FREE HOMEBY KATHI LIPPThere are a large quantity of books on the market and are being published about organizational skills and decluttering our homes From Martha Stewart to Maria Kondo it seems everybody has their hat to throw in the ring about what makes a lifetime of accumulated stuff to our most sentimental pieces that we would never part with One thing we can all agree on is although we might like the rooms in our homes to be beautiful showcases, but they really only need to be functional and celebrate our own individual senses of style Our homes should also be a place where we find peace and is a safe haven for us to love our families in.What I loved about Kathi Lipp s book about organization and living in a clutter free home is that she takes a much gentler approach You don t need to live a minimalist life or give up your most treasured keepsakes to live in a home that is clutter free Your home can still be beautiful and a dedication to all you hold dear Just break up your home into organizational zones where you evaluate each item by using your five senses sight, sound, smell, touch, and lastly taste You can start by only taking fifteen minutes per day and dedicate the time as quality time by reflecting on your things and deciding how they make you feel If an item has outlived its meaning of use in bringing you fond memories or is simply something you don t use or doesn t evoke feelings of peace then most likely you won t miss it Only after fifteen minutes of deciding, dedicating maybe an hour a week can increase your re evaluations of your things Your house should be comfortable and doesn t have to be perfect to start enjoying your stuff Your belongings shouldn t control you it should be the other way around Thank you to Net Galley, Kathi Lipp a self admitted former slave to clutter and the Publisher for providing me with my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review All opinions are my own.

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    Kathi Lipp figured out a way not only to get rid of clutter without becoming a minimalist , but also to make sure her home stays uncluttered Introduction, p 8 In The Clutter Free Home Making Room for Your Life, Kathi Lipp tells how she achieved the state of Clutter Free and shares her methods of decluttering, reclaiming, and celebrating every space of the home Introduction, p.10.As someone who struggles with cluttering and chronic disorganization., I am eager to learn Kathi s secret I ve been in Celebrate Recovery, a faith based recovery program, to find support I know other clutterers and read extensively on cluttering, hoarding, and organization I experience some victory but for several years, I have been stuck, mired, in avoidance of tackling my dreaded office, err, creativity center to be Completely overwhelmed, I have no idea where to start.Enter The Clutter Free Home Making Room for Your Life This book provides the kickstart this clutterer needs to move from being a Clutter Keeper to a Clutter Flinger The book s Introduction gives a general overview Part 1 The Steps explains step by step guidelines to using Kathi s Four Ds and her Three Totes, Two Bags decluttering methods Part 2 The Spaces shows how to use the methods in each room of the home I am tempted to speed ahead to the Office chapter but control myself, and I am glad I did Written in a conversational style, this book is encouraging and empowering, making clear that a Clutter Free Home is possible to achieve and maintain It s different from other decluttering books as it s written from a Biblical perspective It even recommends that CH Cluttered Home people start with a prayer of determination Reading the entire book is helpful to me because Kathi points out best practices and new behaviors to adopt, as well as new ways of thinking and speaking to oneself to make the process effective Additional actions to take in mostly decluttered areas are presented Kathi Lipp helps readers overcome obstacles to dealing with clutter by humorously sharing her personal experiences and reminds that just as you will never be done with laundry, you will never be done with decluttering p 17 And, she teaches how to manage the clutter that life keeps on giving so that it no longer creates chaos in the home.The concepts of Space Boxing and Time Boxing break through this reader s inertia and lead me to just start, albeit in a small way, by emptying a single bin today I cannot clean the entire office today too overwhelming, not enough time but I can begin with a small corner or a shelf or bin, decluttered in 15 minute increments over a period of time as long as it takes , until the entire room is 60% decluttered to prevent overwhelm Upon reaching the 60% mark, it s time to focus on the room s decor and esthetics the fun step most of us incorrectly begin with by repurposing something from another area of the home, by curating and treasuring the items one already has Of course, carefully considered, absolutely necessary items may be purchased Then, it s time to repeat the steps in the next targeted room.I like the new to me idea of using the five senses to create the desired atmosphere in a room My overcrowded, hot mess of an office currently looks like a junkyard, smells like book mold from my ever growing collection of books and the necessity of keeping the door closed to visitors eyes and can hardly be navigated because the floor is full of clutter, too Additionally, avalanches of clutter crash to the floor, workspace is non existent because all horizontal surfaces are buried except for the keyboard I m using, and my glass of water is precariously balanced My goals to have my creativity center smell clean and fresh, to look ordered and ready to spark my imagination, to have plentiful space to pursue creative endeavors, perhaps with a trickling fountain nearby to evoke a peaceful feeling, and to make an area where I can enjoy a cup of tea and a healthy snack I want this room to embody my theme, Make Something Beautiful, referring to both craft projects and a functional creative space Ultimately, as Kathi emphasizes, decluttering makes me and other CH people free for whatever God has in store for us next.Readers may want to purchase hard copies of The Clutter Free Home Making Room for Your Life as fill in pages are included for each room of the home It is full of practical information and suggestions to make rooms work in homes with or without children It contains checklists and several testimonials Attics, basements, and garages are addressed, It also has information about Kathi Lipp s Facebook Clutter Free Academy And for times of relapse, The Clutter Free Home Making Room for Your Life is an excellent resource for getting back on track In summary, I highly recommend this book and plan to share it with other CH people.

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    If you re like me, these types of books appeal to you I keep thinking, if I just find the right book, it will help me with all my mess Well No book will do the work FOR you an unfortunate truth , but this one really breaks down not only how to declutter your home and your stuff, but also gets into the psychology behind why we get cluttered in the first place Kathi s writing style is refreshingly real, like she is a friend sitting next to you with a cup of coffee and you are laughing together about your real actual lives She doesn t claim to be perfect and she doesn t project an image of having it all together, which is a breath of fresh air in a genre cluttered with perfect looking HGTV ready homes.If you read her previous book Clutter Free you will be familiar with the concepts presented here, but I still found new things to learn and apply in this book anyway She goes through room by room and offers specific advice about how to tackle the mess in a way that is do able and feels accessible A new to me idea that I learned from this book is to really think about what the purposes of each room are before starting on the decluttering process This may be tempting for some readers to gloss over like, duh, what do I use a kitchen for FOOD But when I challenged myself to sit and really think it through, my kitchen serves purposes than just feeding the people who live here We do homework, we gather with friends, it s the first room we enter when we come home, and yes, we also cook and eat food Thinking through the purposes then helped me to think through the five senses of what I want each room to look, smell, feel, taste, and sound like.I highly recommend this book as an accessible and realistic read about decluttering Kathi s sense of humor comes through on every page and I love that she is real and realistic about her own challenges No pretense, which makes me feel instantly like I m not alone I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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