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Elín, ýmislegtThe Past Returns With A Fury For A Woman Coming To Terms With Her Life In This Award Winning Novel By An Acclaimed Icelandic Author Making Her English Language Debut El N J Nsd Ttir Lives An Isolated Existence In Reykjav K, Iceland, Making Props And Prosthetics For Theatrical Productions And Nordic Crime Flicks In Her Early Seventies, She Has Recently Become Fascinated With Another Loner, Ellen Lfsd Ttir, A Sensitive Young Playwright And Illegitimate Daughter Of A Famous Writer The Girl Has Aroused Maternal Feelings In El N, But She Has Also Stirred Discomfiting Memories Long Packed Away Because Their Paths Have Crossed Before One Doesn T Remember The Other Is About To ForgetSoon They Ll Discover All They Have In Common Difficult Childhoods, Trauma, And Being Outliers Who Have Found Space To Breathe In Creative Expression Yet The El N Tries To Connect With The Young Woman And Unbox Painful Memories, The Tenuous Her Grasp On Reality BecomesWinner Of The Icelandic Literary Prize, A Fist Or A Heart Is A Gripping, Artfully Interwoven Novel Of Power, Secrets, And Isolation By One Of The Most Bracing And Original Voices Of The Author S Generation

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    Mj g g Fannst Hv tfeld betri en hlakka til a lesa n stu b k.

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    Fannst sem forsendur og a st ur s gunnar v ru d l ti klisjukenndar egar g byrja i, essi klass ski slenski mega harmleikur llum l ur hreinlega murlega, etc en er lei s guna fannst m r h fundur fara vel me vi fangsefni og me h ndla a listilegan h tt Endirinn var drungalegur Pr sinn var g ur M n helsta gagnr ni er v s a verki hef i m tt vera lengra M r fannst g ekki kynnast pers nunum n gilega vel En a er h fundi til l s fremur en lastar.

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    g var n alveg ann veginn a fara a gefa 2 stj rnur Eina sem gerir a a verkum a g gef 3 er a a v knu u svo margar spurningar um hva h fundurinn er eiginlega a p la sem er alltaf gaman En m r finnst etta almennt s alvegt ferlegt rugl og b kin eiginlega jafn lei inleg og g mynda m r a leikriti sem Ellen skrifa i hafi veri.

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    Las El nu, mislegt aftur morgun etta er fj r a sinn sem g les b kina E a fimmta Og alltaf hefur h n jafnsterk hrif mig Alltaf sit g lokin gr tb lgin Alltaf dansa setningarnar fram h f inu m r, og ma ur hugsar um l tlausasta og algengasta mannshvarfi , sem s r sta innra me manni sj lfum, um f ll sem eru l g og svo margt fleira etta er feikilega g b k.

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    Thank you NetGalley and Crossing for a copy of this book.When you see a book, there must be some spark that takes you in and makes you want to read it The fact that the author is Icelandic and that the cover is so beautiful were definitely the two sparks for A Fist or a Heart.When you start reading, the characters intrigue You get thrown some pieces of history from the author and that works both confusing and stimulating, as you really want to learn The problem lies in the conclusion of the story, because at that point you are still confused and not completely able to pinpoint exactly what you have been reading The words you have been reading are a means for the author to express the mental illness that rules the world of the characters It seems that reality is far gone at some points in the story and that probably resembles the way the characters feel.There is no doubt about it, Kristin Eiriksdottir can write She uses words to express, not only to tell the story Some moments it feels like the story is not even important and you just need to enjoy the reading The placements of the words and the rhythm in them takes you in and is in a strange way almost enchanting A Fist or a heart is a very small story, depicted in an artistic way, but it leaves you dangling with a lot of questions after finishing You never truly get to know the characters, although you get to feel them It is certainly not a book for everybody, but if you like out of the box reading you must give it a try.

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    Gagnr nendur hafa lofa essa b k h stert og ekki af st ulausu H n er skemmtilega ruv si og vel skrifu g hlakka til a lesa fleiri b kur eftir Krist nu framt inni.

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    I wouldn t say that I enjoyed this book, per se, in fact I spent the first 60% of the book searching for the plot I didn t really ever find one, by the way What I did find was beautiful writing and excellent but subtle explorations of loneliness and pain, which led to the 3 star rating.

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    A heartbreaking story, the careful and penetrating writing provided me with profound insight into the characters that made for a rich and meaningful literary experience Through the poignant prose in this narrative, I encountered a glimpse of the universality of human pain, and there were moments of hope and coping revealed that I wholeheartedly longed for the characters and also the world in real life to hold onto tightly.

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    Kraftmikil og venjuleg saga tveggja kvenna El n er fullor inn leikmyndasmi ur sem tekur a s r a vinna vi uppsetningu leikrits eftir unga upprennandi sk ldkonu v h n kynntist henni vi venjulegar a st ur m rgum rum ur Harmr nn og eftirminnilegur fr sagnarm ti og mig hlakkar til a lesa fleiri s gur eftir Krist nu.

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    Mj g undarleg og samhengislaus, skil ekki a h n hafi fengi ver laun Fullt af boltum hent upp en enginn tenging.

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